Effective Home Remedies To Treat Conjunctivitis

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Everyone suffers from conjunctivitis or sore eyes once in their lifetime. Also known as pink eye, this condition is marked by inflammation of the eyes along with symptoms such as reddening, itching, pain and constant watering. It usually begins with one eye but can spread to the other eye if the person is not careful or keeps rubbing his or her infected eye.


Since this eye infection is highly contagious, make sure that you do not share your towel, handkerchief or pillow with anyone. It is also important to keep your room neat and clean and use fresh linens. No matter how much your eyes burn or itch, do not touch it as it will only worsen its condition. If the itching becomes unbearable, use a sterilized cotton ball to wipe your eyes lightly.

Apart from following these basic precautions you can try some simple home remedies to treat conjunctivitis. Just follow the under mentioned home remedies and you will surely get relief from the burning or the itching sensation that pink eye is associated with.

  • You should wash your eyes as often as possible with plain water. However, before doing that, make sure that you have washed your hands with a mild disinfectant.
  • You can also use various pink eyes solutions that are available in the market today. That apart, you can make an eyebath solution at home and use the same to wash your infected eyes. This can be prepared by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water.
  • Another effective eyewash solution that you can easily make at home is by boiling fennel seeds in water. You can also use a solution of boiled water in which dried chamomile flower has been added as a compress to relieve itching and redness.
  • You can also use honey as an eye drop and administer it directly in your infected eye. The anti-bacterial properties of honey will have a soothing affect on your eyes.
  • Some experts recommend the use of cotton balls dipped in aroma oils to treat conjunctivitis. Chamomile, lavender and rose oils are the best bets when it comes to treating conjunctivitis at home.
  • Placing grated raw potato on the infected eye is an age old home remedy for treating conjunctivitis. This not only helps reduce inflammation but soothes the eyes as well.
  • You can also place cold tea bags on the infected eye to remedy the irritation caused by pink eye.

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